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Camp for All is a barrier-free camp based out of Burton, Texas, which serves as a recreational site for children with special needs and disabilities. Through partnerships with various organizations, Camp for All has been used by children with challenges ranging from cerebral palsy to severe burns to 22q deletion syndrome. The camp allows children to come and experience life in a light-hearted, fun environment where the challenges they face on a daily basis are able to be forgotten, and where the question is no longer what they can’t do but what they can do. The 206-acre camp serves 11,000 children all throughout the year, drawing a majority of its campers from Southeastern Texas and the Houston area to the lush grounds. That being said, several of the camps bring children in on a national level. For all of these children, the cost of attendance is usually nonexistent, with Camp for All putting up half of the funds for each camper and the partnering organization providing the other half. Our goal is to help assist in any way we can so that Camp for All can continue to provide cost free entertainment and joy for the most deserving kids around us. 

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