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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join ΔΕΜ?


Any pre-health undergraduate student at Texas A&M can join ΔΕΜ. This includes students enrolled as BlinnTEAM. We do not restrict by major or classification. As long as you are interested in the healthcare field, you are welcome to participate in recruitment!



How do I become a member of the fraternity?


It is crucial that you attend an informational at the beginning of the semester. These dates will be posted on our website and social media. We will also be at the MSC Open House to talk to any interested students and give fliers for our informational dates and times. The beginning of the recruitment process consists of an application and an interview. After a first cut, recruits are invited back to socials with the active members. A second and final cut is made after the socials and recruits will be notified by email if they are offered a bid. The most important thing during the recruitment process is to be yourself. We want to get to know the real you!



What does pre-health mean?


A pre-health student is any student who is looking to pursue a career in the healthcare field. This can include medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, biomedical engineering, nursing, pharmacy, physician assistants, physical therapy, occupational therapy, health care administration, genetic counseling, and much more. ΔΕΜ allows pre-health students from a wide variety of backgrounds to join as a family and work together to achieve our goals.



I am really interested in joining ΔΕΜ, but I can’t make it to any of the informationals. What should I do?


If for any reason you can’t make it to any of the informationals but are still very interested in joining Delta Epsilon Mu, please email us at demlambdapresident@gmail.com, so we can get you the information you need to start the recruitment process.



Is ΔΕΜ part of the Interfraternity Council (IFC)?


No, we are not part of the Interfraternity Council or the Collegiate Panhellenic Council at Texas A&M University, so their guidelines do not apply to us. We are part of a national pre-health professional organization at universities across the nation.



How big of a commitment is ΔΕΜ?


As an active member of ΔΕΜ, you will be required to attend weekly meetings and meet set academic, volunteering, and participation standards for each semester. However, these are not huge commitments, especially when you are having fun in the process volunteering with other members of ΔΕΜ. The rest of ΔΕΜ is what you make of it! We want to help you become a better applicant for professional school or any continuing education.



What is the difference between a professional and social fraternity?


A professional fraternity takes dedication and support on to a higher level. As members who are all interested in pursuing similar pre-health goals, we go through much of the same undergraduate experience. We commit ourselves not only to academics but also the community. However, ΔΕΜ isn’t just all work and no play. We counterbalance our rigorous studying schedule with many social activities and adventures throughout a given semester.



How long has ΔΕΜ been around?


The first chapter of the fraternity was founded in 1996 at Binghamton University in Binghamton, New York. The Lambda Chapter at Texas A&M was formed in the spring semester of 2012.



Why should I join a pre-health organization instead of a specific health organization?


ΔΕΜ provides a student with a well-rounded college experience that isn’t exclusive to specific health fields. We believe learning about all health fields is not only beneficial but also essential to any student who intends on entering a health-related field, as many different professions work together to provide the best care possible. In addition, ΔΕΜ provides its members with a support network that can be hard to find on campus. Our members build each other up and those who graduate as an alumni of Lambda Chapter enter their respective post-graduate education confident and well-prepared.



Do I have to be interviewed?


Yes. The interview process is meant to be a learning experience for prospects as well as for the actives to interact with you on a professional level.



How many bids will be offered?


There is no set minimum or maximum number of prospects we intend to accept.




Are there member dues? How much are they? What is the money used for?


Yes. Member dues vary each semester, and the amount will be disclosed after you get your bid. The money is used for your membership process and throughout your involvement with the fraternity.



So, why join ΔΕΜ?


If you’re looking for a family with similar interests and want to get involved with the community, then ΔΕΜ might be for you! We also have awesome resources like a comprehensive test bank, a library of textbooks that past members have donated, course evaluations (for advice on classes), and a growing network of chapters and alumni across the country. Members not only help the community and study together but also have fun social events throughout the year. Check out the gallery and talk to members to learn more about how ΔΕΜ can become an essential part of your time in college!



This FAQ page was adapted from the Iota Chapter at George Washington University.


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